The Science Fair Backboard

This site is designed and maintained by two first-year university students Andrew and Alexandru. The project featured on this site was designed during their final-year of high school as a way to finish off high school on a high note.

This project was initiated by a science fair sign-up sheet in October 2008. Andrew was interested in participating but had no ideas as to what to research or develop. Following a long drive to his cottage, Andrew decided that researching LEDs would be a feasible idea. He contacted Alex and eventually after much brainstorming they developed the idea to design a replacement lamp for fluorescent tubes commonly used in buildings today.

After a few weeks of research and exploration into the project Alex decided that the project could benefit greatly with a microcontroller to automate many functions. This sparked the idea for a lighting controller. Andrew and Alex continued to discuss functions that the controller could perform which made the controller as advanced as it is.

This project was presented at the BASEF (Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair) at Mohawk College in Hamiton, Ontario. They were merited a gold standing with second place overall in the fair. This gained them a free trip to Reno, Nevada to present their project at the IISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair). Sadly, this was the end of the road for their project.

The project was shown in the Hamilton Spectator (a local newspaper) and twice on CHCH News (a local television station news broadcast).

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