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By this point, you're probably wondering what ideas about LEDs are big enough to deserve an entire website. This website intends to teach you about all the positive aspects of using LED technology to replace the current methods of lighting used today. This website also gives you plans to build your very own LED lamp. In the future, instructions will also be available for the creation of the lighting controller.

This project was designed and tested over a six month period, and this website is a culmination of all the work done to complete the final product.

Project Difficulty

The LED lamp can be easily assembled by someone with a small amount of experience in electronics. Check out the "lamp design" page under the "project" menu for instructions on how to build your very own lamp. Building a lamp can be extremely fun and rewarding, not to mention the amount of energy that can be saved with proper installation.

If you are experienced in working with electronics, the lighting controller is a more advanced portion of the project involving an Atmel Butterfly that will be coming soon.

It is important to note that the LED lamp can be operated without the controller so feel free to build your first lamp!


Please note that the creators of this website cannot be held responsible for any damages that occur as a result of the information contained on this website.